Suzuki Pages

Find out about learning the piano the Suzuki way here.

I began training as a Suzuki piano teacher in 2014 and started a small Suzuki group in 2015.  Flushed with success after passing my ‘Level 1’ exam in 2016 (*Update:  Level 2 passed summer 2018!*) I am now looking to expand my Suzuki practice.  Why?  Because it is a wonderful way of growing children.   If this sounds a little ‘flowery’ carry on reading!

You can read more about the Suzuki Piano method here and get a flavour of what’s involved by browsing information and recordings on Jenny Macmillan’s website.

  • For a light-hearted description of how I use the Suzuki Twinkle Variations to aid the technical and musical development of all my pupils follow the link to my recent article They All twinkle Jan 2015
  • You can read my recent essay on 2 Suzuki Philosophy here.  (Beware – it’s a bit of a rant on the current state of the English school system!)
  • For an overview of what’s involved in becoming a Suzuki family go to   Learning Piano the Suzuki Way
  • An article I wrote for the Piano Professional magazine is a confessional of all the things I did wrong as a parent.  Avoid the mistakes I made by turning to             piano professional 49 dec 18 hilary dawson
  • More parent information sheets are online here.  Sheets 1 and 2 are practical tips for prospective Suzuki parents.  Sheet 3 focuses on listening and may be of wider interest.

                                             Parent Information Sheet 1 Getting Ready

                                             Parent Information Sheet 2 Ready Steady Go….

                                             Parent Information Sheet 3 We put it in their ears first!




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